Temporall is a real-time enterprise culture analytics platform. It utilises proprietary algorithms and machine learning technology, designed by experts in organisational science. Temporall brings individual and collective insight, the latest academic research, management thinking, experience and innovation, garnered from work with some of the world’s leading companies – including Google, Microsoft, Bain, The London Business School, GE and Cisco.


Founded by Thomas Davies, a former Global Director at Google, Temporall helps executives and their leadership teams design and sustain high-performance organisational culture. The Culture Workbench uses Enterprise security and is GDPR compliant. The executive dashboard supports strategic decision-making, quantifies and visualises the ROI of culture, and supports Board reporting needs.


About the founder: Thomas has 20 years of experience in the technology sector, specialising in corporate strategy, market development, organisational culture and innovation.


  • Back End
  • Desktop
  • Front End
  • UI/UX


Product Management
Project Management
UI/UX Design


Angular, TypeScript, Node.js, JavaScript


Twilio, SendGrid, Google NLP, Google AutoML, Google Cloud Storage, Authy, Slack, Workplace by Facebook

The Challenge

Thomas wanted us to build a platform that would help their clients link organisational culture to business performance. Thomas’ goal was to get a minimum viable product to market as quickly as possible with the highest degree of quality and with complete open extensibility that would allow them to really go hard on a sprint methodology and to add the macro and the micro capabilities for each new function as quickly as they can go.

Our Solution

Seeing that the platform is targeted for large corporates, we built the Temporall platform with Enterprise scale and security in mind. We carefully planned our sprint process that would not only allow us to move fast and iterate, but also fit in with Temporall’s style of working. To meet their high standards we implemented a rigorous code review process that ensures the platform is stable, modular, and extensible for future adaptability.

Key Features/Objectives

  1. Real Time Translation in 50+ languages
  2. Two-factor Authentication
  3. Machine Learning
  4. GDPR Compliance
  5. Qualitative Data Analysis
  6. Quantitative Data Analysis
  7. Sentiment Analysis (Natural Language Processing)

Client Testimonial

“I believe in building a high degree of trust and as a founder-CEO of a startup you need to build the room around you with smart people as quickly as possible. Building trust is absolutely number one. Bitcube allows us to do just that, which in turn drives quality with our internal team as well."

"I've always tried to select people around me that are really best in class and I've always seen Bitcube as being an extension of my team so I don't really differentiate between the two of them. Bitcube also has a way of really fitting in with our philosophy. They are very complementary to our style of work. That’s a very big thing for me, especially because of what we do in terms of organisational culture. I see Bitcube as a partner who goes that one step further in terms of looking to be curious with me, in real-time and who aren't afraid to make suggestions and take initiative rather than just doing the brief. That’s what I look for in people and in companies, where they're working with us to really move forward. Frankly, great people build great companies. It's as simple as that and I am very fortunate to have gotten to know the Bitcube team and look forward to continuing the relationship.”

Thomas Davies - CEO

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