About Us

We are a South African based technology company specialising in full-stack development. We have carefully built an international team of project managers, product experience specialists, modern stack software developers, and designers to create delivery teams you can trust.

We utilize cutting edge technologies and agile processes that deliver greater efficiency, quicker outcomes and enhanced product quality. Innovation is essential to driving success in a startup. Seeing your challenges clearly and understanding your opportunities early is key to maximizing performance.

Bitcube can offer the necessary experience, scientific depth and operational expertise to help you rapidly build your product and ultimately focus on getting your innovations to the market.

Our management

In 2009 we saw the need for quality software products for small businesses and startups. It all started with one business owner who believed in us and in 2014 our business expanded to the UK. Word of mouth quickly led to a whole range of projects and the team continues to grow each month.

Francois Joubert

CoFounder / CEO

Riaan van Straaten

CoFounder / COO

Marius van Straaten

CoFounder / Executive Director

Xen Lategan

Non-Executive Director/Advisor

Meet the team

Bitcube has built a team with a strong track record in Software Development, Applied Mathematics, Statistical Programming, Data Science, FinTech, UX and UI Design. We hold various IT, Mathematics, and Design related degrees, but more importantly, we drive continuous education throughout our team so that we are always up to speed in the latest UX/UI Design knowledge, software development trends, technologies and best practices.

Herman van der Walt

Technical Lead

Niel Jacobs

Internship Program Director

Damian Scholtz

Senior Developer

Jaco de Klerk

Intermediate Developer

Judith Vermeulen

Intermediate Developer

Nick van Niekerk

Intermediate Developer

Carmen Dominguez

Junior Developer

Annette Minny

UI/UX Design Lead

Jade Palmer

UI/UX Designer

Murdo Meiring

Intermediate Developer

Drikus van der Walt

Intermediate Developer

Jaco Kotzé

Intermediate Developer

Drikus Venter

Junior Developer

Thinus Els

DevOps Specialist

Heila-Rika Coetzee

Support Consultant

Helgard Meyer

Intermediate Developer

Toka Lebenya

Intermediate Developer

Christopher Swart

QA Engineer

Jacques Malan

Junior Developer

Ruben Bezuidenhout

Junior Developer

Jean-Paul-Michael Crain

Junior Developer

Gavin Mc Gregor

Junior Developer

Hannelie Minny

Junior Content Executive

Justin Swart

Junior Developer

Johan de Beer

Junior Developer

Ellene Surtees

Junior Developer

Poloko Mohotsi

QA Engineer

Lize-Marie Mathee

Office Administrator

Farai Mathemera

Junior Developer

Want to join the team?

We aim to regularly employ people who share our passion and necessary skill set. If you are interested in working at Bitcube, please check our careers page to see if we have any open positions.

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