Bitcube develops and supports customised software applications and products for industry domains such as Luxury Fashion, Aviation, Accounting, Agriculture and more. We utilize cutting edge technologies and agile processes that deliver greater efficiency, quicker outcomes and enhanced product quality.

Custom Web App Development

Bitcube specializes in complex web application development for enterprises, small to medium businesses and startups. We reduce development risk for our clients by using sprint methodology and standards-based code to get applications to market quickly and reliably. Leading brands worldwide trust us to build awesome web apps. We also offer post-launch support as well and unit testing which ensures long-term sustainability of any software program.

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Brand Development

We can help you to launch a new brand, rebrand and make sure your branding is consistent on all platforms. In a competitive marketplace connecting with customers is a priority. Selling your products and services takes more than low prices and great features. You have to create a perception of quality and trust and you have to be consistent.

Good branding is about giving customers a glimmer of hope and a reason to believe in your product. If you want them to care about your brand you need to do two things; make an emotional connection and create a meaningful experience. By acting as a sounding board, we help you to position your brand in a way that will create an emotional connection and engage customers.

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Tools / Skills

Our diverse team of engineers use established and cutting edge technologies combined with a passionate work ethic to deliver world class products.

We follow transparent agile principles. Our main objective is to deliver premium software that exceeds client expectations. We provide daily updates on work progress including biweekly demos, so you will know the project is headed in the right direction.