Yeshiva University


Yeshiva University is a private institution with four campuses in New York City. The university’s undergraduate schools (Yeshiva College, Stern College for Women, and Syms School of Business) offer a dual curriculum, combining academic education with the study of the Torah. Situated in one of the most vibrant cities of the world with unparalleled diversity, Yeshiva University is actively involved in its surrounding community.


  • Site Design
  • UI/UX


UI/UX Design
Project Management
Website Media Design


Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Google Docs, Keynote


Responsive Web Browsers

The Challenge

The main problem that Yeshiva University faced was that their website was not fully compliant to the US web accessibility standards. Viewing information on the website via a mobile device was difficult and not very “potential applicant” friendly. Throughout the site there was not one single navigational structure applied to make navigating easy. Almost each page/section had a completely different navigation layout. Call to action was difficult to reach and pages/sections were not well defined. The website had to be simplified and navigational consistency had to be applied in order to create a better overall user experience whilst minimizing site drop offs and confusion.

Our Solution

We were provided with basic layout structures from the client, which had to be translated to a full site design. So first we created the wireframes for the main pages on both mobile and desktop devices where all text, buttons, navigation elements, and placement of imagery had to be carefully considered for accessibility. The layout was then evaluated together with the client and iterated where needed.

Once the wireframes were approved, the next step was to style the design and create supporting imagery for the schools. Each had a different feel that had to be visually communicated and applied. As the images were designed, we ensured they fully complied with web accessibility standards, since many of them had to be used as background images where text would be applied. Thus colours, contrast and layout of elements were evaluated before being added to the design.

Key Features/Objectives

The website should:

  1. Be focused on mobile first
  2. Have a simplified user experience
  3. Be accessible for all users
  4. Be US web accessibility compliant
  5. Maintain consistency throughout
  6. Be clear to visitors what you want them to do
  7. Create visual ways to convey information & drive action
  8. Encourage exploration and engagement

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